Finally, dirtsheet content the whole family can enjoy! This series features all your favourite WWE superstars in children’s story fashion, courtesy of our writer/illustrator Jake Howland.

This week – Braun Strowman in Mr. RRRRAAAHHH!

It was a warm evening in July.

Braun entered the arena, he was in a very angry mood. For a long time people had been mean to him. “You can’t wrestle!”, “He’s so green” they would say. His friends Luke, Bray and Erick had all left him too, he was all alone.

He knew he could prove them wrong though. Tonight was his chance to show how good he was.

In the ring already stood James, a short, skinny man with blonde hair slicked back, and an alarming lack of chin. He visibly trembled as the enraged Braun walked towards the ring.

James told Byron, “any man with two hands has a fighting chance”, he would need a lot more than just two hands to beat the giant, angry Braun though.

As Braun approached, James got more and more terrified, he knew something bad was coming.

James tried his best, but his best was not good enough, the giant Braun was just far too strong for him.

Michael and Byron were amazed by Braun, “look at this man!” they said as Braun charged like a bull at poor James.

Moments later, Braun got the win, James was in a heap in the floor, Braun was still angry though.

As he walked from the ring, his theme thundering away, a scowl remained on his face. Braun may have just won in front of lots of people, but his work wasn’t done.

For months after, he took on small opponents, sometimes 2 or 3 people at a time, and he won every time. People started to believe in Braun, he had proved them wrong.

“He deserves a push” the internet said, “he’s a wrecking ball” the commentators said. Everyone though Braun was amazing. This was just the beginning of his rise to stardom.

Braun and James would cross paths twice more, with the outcome the same both times.

Braun was ready to take on the world.


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