MR. SUPERSTARS: #2 – Mr. Perfect 10

WWE may be PG, but could it be even MORE kid-friendly? In this series, writer/illustrator Jake Howland imagines your favourite stars as children’s book characters.

This week – Tye Dillinger in Mr. Perfect 10!


Everyone thought Tye was underrated. Big events would come around, people would look at the matches and think “Where on earth is Tye?”.

Tye had been called Gavin, he’d been called Shawn, they’d even called him Stan – people kicked him when he was called Stan. But now people had started calling him “The Perfect Ten”.

Whenever Tye would appear, people would shout “TEN! TEN! TEN!” at him. People would hold up wave 10 fingers at him. Tye may have been “The Perfect Ten”, but he wanted to be the number one.

Tye was always being beat though. No matter how hard he tried, he just kept on losing. First Apollo beat him in Brooklyn, then Andrade beat him in Florida.

Tye needed a friend, someone to help him through these tough times. In stepped Bobby, a man who called himself “Glorious”. Maybe a “Glorious” person and a “Perfect Ten” could rocket Tye to stardom.

It wasn’t to be though, Bobby showed his cruelty by walking out on Tye when he needed him most. Tye was not happy, he had beaten time and time again, and just wanted his moment in the spotlight.

In Toronto, Tye challenged Bobby to a match to settle their differences, but once again, Tye lost.

The Royal Rumble was approaching, would Tye be there? He’d first have to go through Eric and his dastardly friends, the crazy Alexander and the grizzly Killian. Once again though, Tye lost, but only because his opponent didn’t play by rules.

The night of the Royal Rumble was here, people still asked would Tye be there, hoping he would finally show up. Nine men had entered the Rumble so far, Braun had been bulldozing through them.

A countdown started, instead of counting down from 10, the audience just shouted “Ten! Ten! Ten!”, desperately hoping Tye would be there.

Suddenly, Tye’s music blasted through the speakers, Tye was there! “The Perfect Ten” had entered at number 10. It was a dream come true, people around the stadium rejoiced that they had been right.

Tye didn’t go on to win, but in that moment, he had stolen the show. “The Perfect Ten” had had a 10/10 evening.

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