7 reasons Jinder Mahal simply cannot be hindered

Jinder Mahal

In the wake of Smackdown Live, we have a new number one contender to the WWE championship and some people claim to be surprised by his identity. However, there is little reason to be surprised when your number 1 contender is 6’5”, built like a brick shit-house and someone who cannot be hindered, he is simply…Jinder Mahal.

Throughout his career, there has been a common misconception about Mr Mahal – people believe he can be hindered. Not only is this not true but it is downright ludicrous. With that being said, here are seven reasons you shouldn’t even attempt to hinder Jinder.

 He made The Great Khali his b*tch

When Jinder Mahal made his WWE debut, he was immediately a star. He debuted in 2011 and was inserted into a programme with The Great Khali and his brother Ranjin Singh. Doing everyone a massive favour, the courageous Jinder Mahal made the Great Khali turn on his brother and squash his brittle skull between his gargantuan hands in a move he calls the Khali Vice Grip. From that moment on Jinder controlled the Great Khali’s actions until Jinder in his infinite wisdom decided he no longer required the giant and discarded him like he was a premier league winning manager with a second leg top 16 champions league match with an away goal left to play. (Ballgame Maggle!)

With that being said Jinder will forever be known as the man who made The Great Khali his bitch.

The Great Khali, Jinder Mahal's bitch
Pictured: a bitch. (Photo credit: David Seto)

He was “The funny one”

After his split from Khali, Jinder continued his dominance over the WWE universe until he decided to extend his prosperity to two underlings, Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre collectively known as 3MB. Though Jinder with his considerable modesty denied the original name for the group, Handsome Jinder Mahal plus 2. From the beginning it was clear that Jinder would be the breakout star of the group despite graciously allowing Heath Slater to think he was the leader. But once again Jinder proved himself as a superstar by establishing himself as the funny one. In an early interview with the group Jinder was asked by the reporter whether his reputation as the funny one is justified, to which he responded “Yes. Yes it is”. Needless to say this quote was met with thunderous laughter and applause thus cementing Jinder as “the funny one”.

He can rock any outfit

Jinder Mahal
Jinder Mahal: Fashionista. (Photo credit: Give Me Gimmicks)

In all his time in WWE Jinder has been known to sport many outfits. This ranges from his classic robe and turban look to his suave leather jacket and turban combo as part of 3MB. One of his more recent outfits has seen Jinder dress in a very dashing suit jacket and kilt combo for the wedding of his former stable mate Drew McIntyre.

It takes a lot to make a WWE superstar and the way one dresses is an important factor, which is why Jinder Mahal is destined for greatness, if any WWE superstar can be measured for greatness by the way they dress then there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Jinder Mahal.

Jinder Mahal carried early NXT

In 2017 NXT is commonly referred to as the third brand in WWE – it has managed to establish itself as more than just developmental and has been critically acclaimed for its fantastic match quality and pool of promising upcoming talent. However when the brand first started in 2012 it was far from what it is today with many of the superstars on the roster being inexperienced and/or unfamiliar to the WWE universe. With this being the case it was up to one man to carry NXT on his back and bring it into the limelight.

That man was Jinder Mahal. He stayed in NXT for the first few months of its existence and helped raise the stock of young talent by having excellent matches with them and making them look like true stars. In fact, in one of his most classy and generous moments Jinder Mahal refused the chance to be the first ever NXT champion and instead allowed that honour to go to Seth Rollins – whom Jinder selflessly put over in a classic match. Soon after Jinder returned to the main roster but not without leaving his mark as the true architect of NXT.

He was 2016’s biggest signing

Fast forward to 2017. Jinder had resigned with the WWE as the biggest signing of 2016, overshadowing AJ Styles’s first WWE title reign, Bobby Roode’s NXT debut and Shinsuke Nakamura’s signing combined.

Jinder Mahal burst back onto the scene appearing on the brand in WWE, Monday Night Raw, defeating superstars like Heath Slater but restraining himself from entering the main event scene as he didn’t want to disrupt WWE’s plans by earning a place in all three Wrestlemania main events. Nonetheless, Jinder lived up to his marquee signing expectations and had classic matches throughout the year. 2016 was truly the year WWE signed its biggest star.

Jinder Mahal
Jinder, presumably after signing the biggest contract in WWE history. (Photo credit: Megan Elice Meadows)

He made Rusev relevant again

Despite creative having great plans for him, Jinder decided that he would once again forego his own personal success in order to help a friend and a struggling superstar in the form of the Bulgarian brute Rusev. Forming a formidable tag team, Jinder Mahal raised Rusev’s career to new heights. This included a main event of the Roadblock pre-show, in a winning effort against the undefeated (in singles competition) Big Cass (via count-out). Jinder Mahal had managed to salvage the sinking boat that was the career of Rusev and though this partnership didn’t last forever the memories and success will.

He made Mojo Rawley a superstar

Wrestlemania 33: the biggest event of 2017 was upon the WWE, the card had been finalised for weeks and the winners had been pencilled in for some time. That all changed on April 2nd 2017 Sunday afternoon, the day of Wrestlemania 33. Jinder Mahal had reluctantly accepted the honour of winning the 4th annual Andre the giant memorial battle royal. However, Jinder noticed that a famous American Football player and personal friend of Mojo Rawley was ringside – member of the 2017 Super Bowl winning New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski.

Being the class act and selfless superstar he is, Jinder convinced WWE to let Mojo win with the assistance of Gronkowski. Because of this act, WWE were finally able to convince Jinder to enter the main event scene and take his rightful place as the number one contender for the WWE championship. And that is why you shouldn’t hinder Jinder.

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