SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT NEWZ: Vince McMahon ‘may be hunting Bigfoot’ for main event role

Vince McMahon at Willow Creek

In the late 90’s and 2000’s, Vince McMahon would regularly appear on WWE TV as his ‘Mr. McMahon’ character. For many years, a WWE show without the patriarch of the McMahon family seemed strange and incomplete

As WWE transitioned into its ‘PG Era’, McMahon was slowly phased out of WWE TV storylines. Many have put this down to his age, however the citizens of Willow Creek, CA have provided an alternate theory.

Sightings of the sports entertainment mogul have been increasingly common in the sleepy town, with some reporting that he spends up to four days a week on what he calls “the hunt for WWE’s next top star”.

Willow Creek is known as the Bigfoot capital of the world, and Vince has taken interest in the planet’s most infamous Sasquatch since reaching climax while Great Khali, Big Show and Shaq were all backstage at Raw in July of 2009. It was at that show that he decided he needed to find the ‘biggest, hairiest draw of all-time’, and soon came to the conclusion that Bigfoot was the beast for the job.

Local shopkeeper Tom Magee stated that Vince has often spoke to him about Bigfoot “like a kid hunting for Santa Claus”.

“He came in here for the first time in 2012. I’d heard rumours from others that he’d been around, but this was the first time I’d personally seen him out here in Willow Creek. It was damn strange seeing this larger-than-life TV character in my own store, all these years later.” We questioned Magee about what he meant by that last part, but he refused to elaborate.

Magee and McMahon have become “pretty good friends”, in the words of the former. “He comes in here a lot with questions about Bigfoot, even though I told him early on that I’d never seen it. One time he bought some Veet strips, and asked me if I thought Bigfoot would mind being waxed and greased for television. The guy’s a real hoot!”

Magee’s stories are far from unique, and as you walk around this quaint slice of California woodland, it becomes clear that everyone has a story about the elusive, mythical behemoth known as ‘Vinnie Mac’.

Will WWE’s chairman ever find what he’s looking for out in the forests of Willow Creek? The town’s residents have mixed feelings, but many feel that he may have the best chance of anyone. “The man’s goddamn rich”, Tom Magee concluded. “The nets keep getting bigger, and lately lots of helicopters have been flying overhead whenever he’s in town. He’s either going to find Bigfoot, or die trying.”

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