“Wait, Why is there only one…?” – Sacrifice Pro: IV : Shattered Dreams Independent Show Review

Launched in March of this year, Sacrifice Pro Wrestling are a brand new independent wrestling company associated with Hope Wrestling. They aim to be be a positive presence in the wrestling industry by putting on fun, storyline driven shows aimed at people of all ages. On top of that, they promote themselves as “Pro Wrestling with Heart” for one amazing reason –  the proceeds to all of their shows goes to charity.


After a stream of success with Chapter I: All the Best! , Chapter II: I was saying Boo-urns and Chapter III: Don’t Wrestle Me, I’m Scared, Sacrifice look to put on their biggest show to date with Chapter IV: Shattered Dreams. Proceeds from the show going to The Brain Tumour Charity.

On Sunday July 16, 2017, Shattered Dreams emanated from the Cedars Upper School in Leighton Buzzard and without further ado, Let’s Go!


Before the show starts, the hosts TJ Lea and Ollie Spring giving the audience a run through of the show before being interrupted by H8ful Eight Competitor Jacob Daniels cutting a scathing promo on how he’ll win tonight’s H8ful Eight match.


To the sound of silence, someone comes out to the ring to cut a promo. Disgusted by the lack of entrance music, we are gifted with another scathing promo from brand new General Manager of Sacrifice Pro – Ritchie Swish who won ownership by beating previous owner Harvey Dale. He leaves for his helicopter in the back to take him to France.


Golden Tag Team Tournament Semi Finals


Eight teams have been given the opportunity to win a huge prize. We find out tonight who the winning team will be and what they win. Opening the show is the first of two Tournament Semi Final matches, with the tournament winner being decided in our main event at the end of the show.


Semi Final 1: Team M.A,D v “Chaos” Kai Payne and Twister


The first puts stablemates from Team M.A.D, Chase Williams and Danny Mayhem against the dysfunctional pairing of fan favourite luchador Twister and Chaos Kai Payne. The pairing of Payne and Twister came about after Chapter III. Payne was irate after delivering a quality performance and not getting the recognition he felt he deserved because everyone was talking about this tournament.  With a newly found mean streak, Payne demanded a spot in the tournament, Payne got his wish. However, he struggled to find a partner. Enter Twister.  The pair managed to defeat Black Mafia .


Stablemates Williams and Mayhem defeated Never Say Die to secure their place in the semi finals. This established pairing capitalised on Payne and Twister’s dysfunction through good tag team fundamentals.  They took care of Twister early on and left Payne without a partner.  It would be the unlikely pairing who would win after Payne delivered a spinning firemans carry into a Michinoku Driver (called a Payne Killer…get it) to his own partner onto their opponent, picking up the pinfall.

Semi Final 2: Bromantics v Los Palaminos
The second semi had fan favourites the Bromantics, Shogun J and Owen Charles face the undefeated team of Los Palaminos, Tivy Lee and Frankie Vegas. This year has been good to the Bromantics after headlining the first and third Sacrifice supershow. Los Palaminos on the other hand look to progress to the finals and defend their 100% win streak – something they didn’t fail to remind the audience by bursting through a giant 100% banner during their entrance.


This match gave us great tag team strategy and psychology which were amplified by terrific high flying moves, stiff strikes and insane tag team combination moves. A great match which ended controversially when Los Palaminos Win by disqualification. In classic Eddie Guerrero style, Vegas hits a steel chair on the mat and throws it to a confused Owen Charles whislt the referee was distracted. The referee turns and assesses the scene and concludes Owen Charles attacked Vegas with a chair.
Payne and Twister v Los Palaminos for the final.


Chuck Mambo v Jack Cave

Fun surf dude Chuck Mambo faces off against the darker, edgier Jack Cave. I wasn’t expecting this one to be as wacky as it was but I did laugh, Sheffield based, Jack Cave enters first and generates a lot of heat by insulting the crowd – disrespecting the south of England and mentioning how stupid “Leighton Buzzard” sounds.

If anyone wants to know, everything north of Sheffield is “The North” and everything south of Milton Keynes is “The South”. Everything in between is “The Midlands”.

Mambo comes out and they proceed to have the silliest free for all with shades of “Duck Season, Rabbit Season” from Looney Tunes. These two gave the audience a pantomime experience with plenty of audience participation spliced with wrestling. It is something fun to break up the more serious storyline driven matches on the card. One for the kids. They made me laugh, your mileage may vary.


Mambo defeats Cave with two impact/driver moves to take the pinfall.

The First Ever Devil’s Hand Match

Jay Garner v Hustle Malone

This bitter feud has grown from Chapter III and the two look to end it. Leader of Team M.A,D Hustle Malone challenged Garner to a Devil’s Hand Match at the end of the last show. The stipulation is a Luchas de Apuestas (match with a wager) style match where the participants decide the what their opponent puts on the line, which we find out at the start of the match. .

Jay Garner has declared: Team M.A.D must disband if he wins
Hustle Malone has declared: Jay Garner retires from Sacrifice if he wins..

The fight was brutal. Full of action. There was interference from Team M.A,D, false finishes, blood spat in someone’s face and a sweet shooting star press. However, it was Hustle winning with a Get in the Seat (Reverse Swinging STO or Sister Abigail). Commiserations to poor Garner, I wish him well in his future endeavors. At least he doesn’t have to be somewhere Monday Morning.


Roy “Body Guy” Johnson v Warren Banks

Powerlifter and competitor in the inaugural WWE UK Championship, Roy Johnson, takes on Sacrifice’s resident powerhouse and one half of “The Unbreakables”, Warren Banks. For the first time in a long while, Warren Banks looks to be the underdog. This contest was full of aggression. Stiff strikes. Big impact moves. It was a well paced match between two big men that didn’t disappoint. Johnson and Banks gave each other everything they possibly could. In the end Warren Banks picks up the win after nailing the body guy with two devastating spears. Banks and Johnson stood face to face and shook hands showing each other the respect they well and truly earned.

The H8Ful Eight Match
El Jefe v Kent Nelson v Jayde v Morgan Black v Ashley Dunn v Max Thompson v Dan The Man v Jacob Daniels


The H8Ful Eight Match is an eight way, single fall to win scramble match where the winner receives a golden opportunity announced later in the show.  Participants included luchador El Jefe (El Jeff not El Heh-fay); one half of “The Unbreakables” Kent Nelson; member of Team M.A.D, and only female competitor, Jayde; Black Mafia’s pimpin’ Morgan Black, “Superstar” Ashley Dunn; “The Phantom” Max Thompson; large powerhouse Dan The Man and Jacob Daniels who outright declared he will win at the start of the show.


This was a full on no disqualification melee between eight hungry competitors. Full of violence. There was action everywhere, I didn’t know where to look. I even saw one of them take a crutch from a lady sitting next to me and choke another combatant out.  I’m glad I managed to catch Dan the Man being powerbombed through steel chairs and fair play to Jayde for being drop kicked through a table by Ashley Dunn.


Kent Nelson nails Jacob Daniels with a furious Kent Nelson Driver (Full Nelson Driver) and win via pinfall. I’m glad I slipped him a business card before the show started*
Tag team partner Warren Banks comes out to share the glory but three masked assailants interrupt this moment and attack The Unbreakables. Who are under the masks? Why did they attack Banks and Nelson?  What did Kent Nelson actually win? Only way to find out is to follow Sacrifice.


The ring announcer asks people if they’ve bought a raffle ticket. He asked me. I didn’t… I bought some raffle tickets. Meh, it’s going to charity.


Main Event and Final Match of the Night: Golden Tag Team Tournament Final
Los Palaminos v Kai Payne and Twister


Our unlikely duo look dead set to win the prize against the still undefeated Los Palominos. Things are looking up for Payne and Twister. They make their way to the ring together, their entrance videos have been spliced together and whoever is controlling the audio is doing a great (ahem) job of mixing their music.


After a phenomenal display involving twists, turns, dives and a spanish fly, Los Palaminos eat their first loss after a strong  Payne Killer/Frog Splash Combo.


They did it. The unlikely duo did it. Chaos Kai Payne and Twister win the Golden Tag Team Tournament.


What a thrilling main event with a great finish. The new General Manager comes out to reward the tag team – armed with a duffel bag containing what we all imagine to be a pair of tag team championship belts. To credit the winners of the tag team tournament, they managed to win under scheduled time. We’ll get to bask in the victory of these brave warriors holding their respective trophies aloft for a while before the audience can beat the traffic on the way home.


Twister looks inside the bag. Twister is confused. Twister grabs a microphone.

“Wait…Why is there only one belt?!”


ONLY ONE BELT: Ultimate Sacrifice Champion

Kai Payne v Twister


Payne figured it out. Superkick. Bell Rings. 1-2- …They battle until after the most hellacious Payne Killer he’s ever mustered, Chaos Kai Payne gets the 1-2-3. We crown the inaugural Ultimate Sacrifice Champion – Chaos Kai Payne.

I’m done. What a show.

Overall, I thought the event was great however the finish legitimately blew my mind.  I didn’t realise how invested I got into the storyline but they got me. Kudos to whoever wrote that.  Sacrifice did deliver a great show. If it’s easy for you to get to Leighton Buzzard and you want to support independent wrestling, spend a sunday afternoon being entertained and donate money to a worthy cause go to a Sacrifice show. If you were to turn up with no clue what’s going on storyline wise, they do a reasonable job of filling you in, but if not, just enjoy their delightful indie-riffic displays. Plus it’s all for charity.  Food and drink are reasonably priced as well.

If you want to follow Sacrifice Pro go here:https://www.facebook.com/SacrificePro/
Photographer for the event was Brett Hadley. All photographs used unless otherwise stated are credited to Brett Hadley.

If you want to add to Sacrifice’s efforts raising money for the Brain Tumour and give to a great cause go to:  https://www.thebraintumourcharity.org/


*I’m a graphic designer by trade and I slipped Kent Nelson a card before the show started, if he has any interest in new gear or merch being designed. If you want anything designing contact me at info@pri…Editor: We are not having Primal plug his abysmal at best design services.
Editor’s note: If you *must* contact Primal about the day job please do so on https://primal-mistry.com/contact/ or his Facebook Page.

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