Scott Steiner Retrospective – The Testimonial

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Hi folks, I’m here with another new feature called ‘’The Testimonial’. This feature will cover the entire career of a particular wrestler from their debut all the way until the time of writing. For my first article I’m covering one particular wrestler who you couldn’t call bland, the Big Bad Booty Daddy; Scott Steiner!


Early life

Steiner (real name Scott Rechsteiner) was born on 29 July 1963 in Detroit, Michigan. Steiner grew up in the Detroit area, and was a collegiate wrestler at the University of Michigan (at a lean 190lbs). Steiner then became an NCAA Division I All American and in 1986 was the sixth-highest ranked in the USA. In the same year Steiner followed in the footsteps of his brother Robert (Rick Steiner) and entered the squared circle. He trained under Dr. Jerry Graham Jr. and debuted under his real name. On 14 August 1986 Steiner won his first title, the WWA World Championship by defeating The Great Wojo, losing it back to Wojo on 3 May 1987.

First WCW run

Steiner joined his brother in Jim Crockett Promotions (WCW) in 1989 and accompanied Rick for singles matches whilst competing in his own. Soon after, the brothers began teaming and lost their first major contest to Kevin Sullivan and Mike Rotunda at Clash of the Champions VII. The Steiners defeated them in a rematch at The Great American Bash. The Steiners began to be accompanied by Missy Hyatt and started a terrific win-loss streak, culminating in a loss to The Fabulous Freebirds for the NWA Tag Team Championships at Clash of the Champions VIII.

The Steiners then beat the Freebirds to win the championships in late November and would hold them until 19 May 1990, when they were beaten by Doom at Capital Combat. The Steiners picked up their second piece of gold, the NWA United States Tag Team Championships, by beating The Midnight Express in August of 1990. When the brothers regained the now-renamed WCW Tag Team Championships in February 1991, they vacated the United States Tag Team Championships. A month later, they won the IWGP Tag Team Championships. A bicep injury to Scott forced the vacation of the WCW Tag Team Championships. However, when he returned, they won the straps a third time at a house show in May 1992.

(Scott, right, pictured with Rick, left, holding the NWA Tag Team Championships. Credit to

Scott was competing in singles action at the same time, beating Ric Flair in a gauntlet match which took place over WCW’s television programming. Steiner and Flair wrestled to a time-limit draw at Clash of the Champions XIV. In late 1992, Rick was sidelined with a pectoral injury. Scott then turned heel in October 1992, attacking Marcus Bagwell during a tag team match. He then picked up the WCW Television Championship that month. However, he later vacated the title. This was due to a contract dispute between The Steiners and WCW President Bill Watts. Scott and Rick were being low-balled financially, and so decided to sign with the WWF.


Whilst road agents Pat Patterson and Bruce Prichard recommended Scott enter the Royal Rumble 1993 as a singles competitor, Vince McMahon was not sold on the idea. In addition, the Steiners expressed interest in remaining as a team. They eventually made their debut on Prime Time Wrestling (22 December 1992) and competed on the very first episode of Raw (11 January 1993). The Steiners made their Wrestlemania debut by beating The Headshrinkers at Wrestlemania IX (4 April 1993). At a television taping on 13 June, the brothers would capture the WWF Tag Team Championships by defeating Money Inc. Money Inc would regain the titles three days later.

Three days after that (19 June if your maths isn’t great), the Steiners beat Money Inc to regain the championships. They would go on to hold the titles past Summerslam until the 13 September edition of Raw. The Steiners would face the Quebecers in a “Province of Quebec rules” match which meant that the titles could change via DQ. When the referee saw Scott holding a hockey stick given to him by the Quebecers manager Johnny Polo (Raven), he disqualified the Steiners and they lost the titles.

The Steiners would join the All-Americans team (with Undertaker and Lex Luger) to beat the Foreign Fanatics (Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga, Crush and Quebecer Jacques) at Survivor Series. The brothers wrestled sparingly through until May 1994 when they requested for and received, their release.

Hiatus, ECW and return to WCW

A brief hiatus followed for the brothers for over a year until 28 July 1995, when they made their ECW debut. They beat Vampire Warrior and Dudley Dudley. They made a handful of appearances until the middle of October.

The brothers made their return to WCW in 1996. They won the WCW Tag Team Championships for a fourth time by beating Harlem Heat on 24 July 1996. This reign was short lived as Harlem Heat won the titles three days later. Scott was then sidelined with an injury that kept him out until January 1997, when the returned the brothers spent the year feuding with the Outsiders, and Scott Norton & Buff Bagwell. They won three more WCW Tag Team Championships in January, October and February 1998. However, none of these reigns lasted more than 91 days.

(Scott, middle, with the Outsiders after turning on Rick. Credit to WCW Worldwide/tumblr/WWE)

Scott was gaining considerable muscle mass at this time (*ahem* STEROIDS! *ahem* Editor’s note: allegedly) and by 1998, he had cut his mullet and sported a goatee. The seeds of Freakzilla had been planted. Scott would not tag Rick in to matches. At Superbrawl VIII, after losing the Tag Team Championships to The Outsiders, Scott attacked Rick and abandoned his brother to be attacked by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. He soon joined the New World Order not long after. He dyed his hair blonde and began adopting the moniker of ‘White Lightning’, and developed a Superstar Billy Graham inspired gimmick.


Singles success in WCW


Steiner would later adopt the signature chainmail and shades for his ring entrance. He was not the most prominent NWO member but was very memorable, and teamed with Buff Bagwell as part of NWO Black and White, until the eventual demise of the group in 1999. Steiner pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in March 1999, after running over a roads service official with his Ford pickup truck. Steiner spent ten days in jail, followed by 200 hours of community service, a seven year probation and a $25,000 fine.


The split of the NWO allowed for Steiner to receive a major singles push, feuding with Goldberg, DDP and Booker T, culminating in Big Poppa Pump winning the United States Championship in a tournament final; defeating Booker T at Spring Stampede 1999. Steiner announced his retirement from injury in December 1999, but it was a ruse and he attacked Sid Vicious. Steiner would turn face for a brief period in 2000, joining the Millionaire’s Club stable in a feud with Eric Bischoff’s New Blood (think Main Event Mafia storyline in TNA but reversed; and that will be covered shortly) but would revert to being heel at Bash at the Beach in July 2000 by attacking Kevin Nash, aiding Goldberg and joining the New Blood, then the reformed NWO 2000 (but let’s not talk about them). Joining Steiner was a Nitro girl-turned-Freakette Midajah, who would often help Steiner in his matches.


(credit to WWE/youtube user DoubleZWWE)


Around this time, Steiner was becoming more notorious for his promo style, which was explosive, raw and profanity-laden. On the 7 February Nitro, Steiner went completely off-script. Steiner went shoot style, disparaging Ric Flair and WCW. Freakzilla made such comments like, “the people at home, all they did was grab their remote, change the channel to the WWF, and watch Stone Cold – a person you and your own friends got fired from here, ’cause you’re a jealous old bastard!” He then called Flair an “ass-kissin’, backstabbin’, butt-suckin’ bastard!”


Steiner then continued his momentum from the previous year, which culminated in Steiner winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Booker T at Mayhem. Steiner was arrested in January after assaulting an EMT on Nitro. He was released after it was revealed that he wasn’t aware that the EMT was a real paramedic, and thought he was an actor. Steiner would hold the World title until 26 March 2001, when Booker T beat him in the final WCW broadcast. Steiner would, like so many others, sit out his AOL-Time Warner contract until November 2001. He made sporadic appearances for Australian promotion World Wrestling All Stars over late 2001 and the first half of 2002.

WWE (credit to WWE and dailymotion user Mas’)

Steiner returned to WWE in November 2002 at Survivor Series, interrupting Matt Hardy Version 1.0 and Chris Nowinski; making his entrance at Madison Square Garden to a raucous response. In true Freakzilla style, his first words uttered on WWE programming in nine years was “gimme a fuckin’ mic!”. Steiner was promoted as ‘the hottest free agent in wrestling’, and spent the next few weeks of his debut being persuaded by Raw and Smackdown General Managers Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon respectively. Steiner eventually chose Raw, after Stephanie rejected the Big Bad Booty Daddy’s “sexual advances” (totally no rapey vibes there!)


Those initial few weeks were as good as it got for Scott, as his early 2003 feud with World Heavyweight Champion Triple H would kill his momentum. But unlike any other wrestler who feuded with Triple H from 2002-2009, Steiner was mainly at fault for this excuse of a rivalry. Their feud was centred around who had a better physique, complete with a segment on Raw where they had a pose-off. Outlandish as that sounds, it was actually because Hunter was on the cover of Muscle and Fitness and they wanted to promote the physique of The Game by putting him in a program with the most jacked up guy on the books (that wasn’t called Vince McMahon).


Steiner won by DQ at the Royal Rumble, but then lost by pinfall at No Way Out the following month. Both matches were woeful, with Steiner’s weaknesses completely exposed and Triple H not really caring about putting on a decent match. Now firmly out of the World Heavyweight Championship picture, he would then move on to have a short program with Chris Nowinksi, which included a debate over the Iraq War (yep, a wrestling show hosting a debate on the Iraq War with a man who can barely grasp the English language), with Steiner making reference to the “terrorisms” and how he “wrestled a lot of countries”. Although to be fair, it wasn’t like the President at the time was faring much better in the War on English.

(Steiner with Stacy Kiebler. Credit to WWE)

His other memorable (for want of a better term) feud came against Test. The two had teamed up to fight La Resistance, but then Test turned heel and went full-on misogynist against Stacy Kiebler. This led to a match at Bad Blood in July between the two, with Kiebler’s managerial services on the line. Steiner won the match but lost Kiebler back to Test on the 18 August Raw (as if this was gonna take place at Summerslam). Finally, the two met next month at Unforgiven. If Steiner won, he would regain Kiebler’s services, but if Test won then Steiner would be his bitch manservant. Test won and the two big lads begrudgingly teamed together. Kiebler would inadvertently cost the team matches, and Steiner had enough. On Raw in late September he belly-to-belly suplexed Kiebler and turned heel. Big Poppa Pump and Test would be on better terms, treating Kiebler like crap. In December, the two forced Stacy to kiss their bare asses (that’s a lovely image) but Raw co-general manager Mick Foley interrupted and kayfabe fired Test and Steiner. Steiner’s last appearance came at the 2004 Royal Rumble, eliminated in under seven minutes by Booker T. He would sustain a foot injury, and would be released from his contract in August 2004.

TNA/Impact Wrestling

Following his recovery and a few independent appearances over 2005 and early 2006, Steiner would then sign with TNA. He debuted at Destination X in March, sporting a horrible large tattoo on his chest. He would debut as a heel, and was identified as Jeff Jarrett’s bodyguard in the coming weeks. Steiner would face opponents such as Sting, Christian Cage and Samoa Joe before briefly leaving in August 2006.

(credit to GFW/Anthem and


Steiner would return in February 2007, aligning with then-NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage. He would aid Cage to beat Kurt Angle at Against All Odds, and joined his Lethal Lockdown team at Lockdown, where they lost to Team Angle. Rick Steiner then made his TNA debut in June, to team with his brother on-screen for the first time since WCW’s demise. The intention was to take on Team 3D in a “dream match” at Slammiversary, however Scott would be replaced by Road Warrior Animal after a throat injury. At a house show in Puerto Rico, Steiner was kicked hard in the trachea by Apolo. Steiner coughed up blood and was taken to a hospital, and put in to a coma where doctors gave him hours to live. Doctors would drain the fluid from his lungs and he made a swift recovery.


Steiner returned in July at Victory Road, continuing the feud with Team 3D. At Bound for Glory in October, the Steiners would defeat Team 3D’s “FAT ASSES!” (Scott Steiner, 2007) in a 2-out-of-3 Tables match. Steiner would then take part in the first-ever Feast or Fired match (it’s like Money in the Bank but with a case for each title, and someone would lose their livelihood too! Stay classy TNA!), he would win a briefcase with an opportunity to compete for the X Division Championship, but he would then steal Petey Williams’ World Championship case. This led to a case vs. case match at Against All Odds 2008, which Steiner won. However, he would take Williams on as his protégé (Little Petey Pump anyone?) and both would be accompanied to the ring by a woman called Rhaka Khan. Williams would win the X Division Championship by cashing in his case, and Steiner would cash in his case against Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle at Sacrifice, which led to a legendary promo where Steiner would explain the probability of winning.


(credit to GFW/Anthem and youtube user AJ Minotti)


Angle would get injured and be replaced by Kazarian at Sacrifice, but Samoa Joe retained. Steiner tore his ACL in the match, and would be out until October. Steiner returned on Impact, and helped his industry buddies Sting, Booker T and Kevin Nash (as well as Angle) by attacking the younger TNA wrestlers (but spared Petey Williams) and joined the Main Event Mafia. Steiner would take up announcing duties for an episode of Impact, with the rest of the MEM taking over various other aspects of the show, such as commentary. Like anything Big Poppa Pump does with a live mic, it was gold.


(credit to GFW/Anthem and youtube user HTUK2007)


Steiner would feud with various wrestlers and consistently referred to Samoa Joe being “FAT!”, until forming a tag team with former WCW rival Booker T. The duo would win the TNA Tag Team Championship in July 2009, holding them until October and the dissolution of the Main Event Mafia. Steiner then had a brief feud with Lashley in November and December 2009, before leaving the company in February 2010.


Steiner would return to TNA once more, in January 2011. He returned as a face to save Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan and Crimson (remember him? Of course you don’t!) from Immortal. Steiner would team with Crimson and had a short feud with Ink Inc; the team of Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal (me neither), losing to them in a four-way cage match at Lockdown. Steiner would turn heel by attacking Matt Morgan, with Morgan beating Steiner at Slammiversary in June. Steiner would join Immortal until his third departure in March 2012.


Following Steiner’s departure, he expressed anger at TNA management such as Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. TNA would file a legal complaint in June 2012, after months of complaints towards the company. Steiner filed a counter suit in September, after claiming to be owed royalties, and a second suit was filed by Steiner after claiming he was injured as a result of TNA officials making him work with an intoxicated Jeff Hardy. Steiner was reported to be banned from the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, after Hulk Hogan’s wife was allegedly the victim of a tirade of verbal abuse by Big Poppa Pump, and he threatened to kill the Hulkster. (Come on Mrs Hogan, it was clearly a worked shoot you mark!)


In May 2017, Steiner would return to Impact Wrestling (under new management), where he acquired some more terrible tattoos; and became a more tongue-in-cheek version of his earlier TNA persona, ironically referring to more “FAT ASSES!”. He would team with announcer Josh Mathews and lost to Jeremy Borash & Joseph Park in a semi-slapstick, Great War-esque match at Slammiversary in July 2017.


(credit to GFW/Anthem)


So will the Big Bad Booty Daddy stay with Impact? Will he return to WWE? Probably not either, but whatever Freakzilla decides to do the IWC are sure to enjoy the madness. Long live Big Poppa Pump!

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