Top 10 Worst Original NXT Competitors

NXT is widely regarded today as the best brand in WWE, both in terms of wrestling and roster. Whenever an NXT special is announced alongside a main roster PPV it is highly likely that NXT will blow the main roster out of the water, since this has been the trend so far.

What if I told you that NXT has not always been the awesome brand that it was? Many fans may recall that the original concept for NXT was in fact a hybrid between reality television and normal WWE. The competitors known as “rookies” would compete for a chance to earn a WWE contract and a title match on the main roster whilst being guided to do so by a current main roster star known as a “pro”. Not only would the “rookies” compete in traditional competition but also in skill based challenges that ranged from an obstacle course to a Karaoke contest and everything in between.

Who were the cream of the crop? Who were the best of the best? Who were the stars of NXT? Well in this top 10 list we will…not find that out. Instead we will look at the worst of the worst and rank the top 10 worst NXT competitors from the 5 seasons of NXT.

  1. Aloisia (Season 3)

We kick off this list with an NXT competitor so bad she didn’t even make it to the first episode. In August 2012 on the season finale of NXT season 2, throughout the night we were shown short vignettes of the next season’s competitors, which for the first time in NXT history would be a female only season. Just before they announced the winner of NXT season 2 the WWE universe was treated to the beautiful voice of…Vickie Guerrero.  She announces she is going to be a pro on the new season and that she was guaranteed to win thanks to her rookie, we are then shown a vignette for the 6’9 towering amazon known as Aloisia. Aloisia better known as Isis the Amazon was the tallest female wrestler in the world and the tallest female WWE had ever signed. She was set to be the powerhouse and odds on favourite to be the winner of the season but then *it* happened. WWE, whilst conducting a routine background check, found that Aloisia had a little bit of a history that they were not interested in, she had starred in a series of “fetish” movies mainly to do with her height and upon discovering this WWE pulled the plug and released her as they didn’t want any bad publicity from hiring someone with this kind of history. With that, ended the ballad of Aloisia. Now I know this might be considered cheating as she never even appeared in person on television, but the circumstances of her release and the fact she was already announced the week prior, to the new season starting is why she is number 10 on our list.

  1. Jamie (Season 3)

Sticking with season 3 of the competition, our next competitor on the list is Jamie. Now, even I had to think extremely hard in order to remember Jamie. She was originally the ring announcer on NXT before being announced as a competitor. In five weeks on the show she had a total of two matches, both of which were wins, one in singles competition and one in a 6 woman’s tag with her pros the Bella Twins. After five weeks in the competition she was the first person eliminated from season 3 and was released from her WWE contract a week later. The reason she is one of the worst competitors in NXT history is the fact that she was so damn forgettable, I had to do numerous searches just to confirm her existence, her wrestling wasn’t the worst but unfortunately this was during the divas era so the standards for women’s wrestling weren’t what they are today. With that being said these are the reasons Jamie is number 9 on the list.

  1. Percy Watson (Season 2)

Now this may seem like a bit of a surprise to our original NXT fans but next up on the list is current NXT commentator Percy Watson. Back in season 2 he was a rookie and his pro was Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP). He lasted eleven weeks before being the fourth wrestler voted off despite being the dark horse of the season and his elimination was a bit of a surprise considering Husky Harris placed higher than him overall. He was above average as an in ring competitor but never had any standout matches. The reason he is on this list however is due to his gimmick, it was awful. He was supposed to be some kind of party boy but he came off as more of a nerd trying to hang with the cool kids. He wore red Dudley Boyz-esque lens-less glasses whilst dancing and shouting “Oh yeah” whenever he could. He was very, very annoying and now he is bringing his annoying voice to NXT each week for the foreseeable future. Why must we be punished so? These reasons are why Percy is on our list.

  1. Lucky Cannon (Season’s 2 and 5)

Carrying on with our “who the hell is that” gimmick we have another season 2 alumnus, Lucky Cannon. Sorry, Jason “Lucky” Cannon, that is. He competed in season 2 of NXT alongside fellow worst NXT competitor Percy Watson. With his Pro Mark Henry by his side he was sure to be a big hit right? Right? Wrong! He was a mediocre wrestler, couldn’t cut a promo to save his life and was eliminated ten weeks in, finishing sixth overall. That was season 2 Lucky Cannon, we then got season 5 A.K.A NXT Redemption Cannon. Coming out with a cocky smile and a really bad black cape he had turned heel and was here to be the “true” Lucky Cannon. Unfortunately for him he was just as bad as season 2 Lucky Cannon and was eliminated from the show after fifteen…long…weeks. Because of these reasons he had earned a spot on our list.

  1. Byron Saxton (Season’s 4 and 5)

Up next on our list is Byron Saxton. Enough said. Next!

  1. Aksana (Season 3)

Ok. Now we’re onto the big guns, the worst of the worst. Kicking off our top…or should I say bottom 5 we have the Lithuanian beauty known as Aksana. Competing on, you guessed it season 3 of NXT Aksana was an extremely green rookie with her pro, the bizarre one, Goldust. Lasting a whopping eleven weeks she managed to rack up two total wins. Due to being a horrific wrestler and having the wrestling observer’s worst match of 2010 she was relegated to mainly being Goldust’s valet across both NXT and RAW, then it happened, for some reason Aksana had visa issues and needed a green card to stay in America, so being the good guy he is Goldust agreed to marry her, which he did on an episode of NXT and immediately afterwards Aksana turned heel on Goldust and claimed she used him. Two weeks later she was eliminated and that was that. So on top on having being an awful wrestler and terrible on the mic she is also an embarrassingly bad actress. For these reasons she is on our list.

  1. Michael Tarver (Season 1)

Up next we have the only entry from the inaugural and relatively good NXT season, Mr 1.9 himself Michael Tarver. Appearing on the first season of NXT Michael Tarver, along with his pro, Carlito, Tarver was the worst one by far. Yes the same season that had Daniel Bryan on it produced a worst competitor. Having an abysmal win/loss record of 1-7 and the charisma of a wet tissue, Tarver stood out as the worst overall performer. Hell on the episode prior to his elimination when asked who he thought should be eliminated he said himself, doing everyone a favour in the process the next week due to no confidence in himself he was eliminated by “management”. Now, he went onto have his 15 minutes of fame, but that’s an article for another day. However because of these reasons Michael Tarver is on our list.

  1. Conor O’Brian (Season 4)

Claiming our number 3 spot is Conor O’Brian. The man, the myth, the legend himself. Ok not really, he was an absolute joke. Making his debut on the fourth season of NXT alongside his pro Alberto Del Rio he claimed he was…a rat. Yes a grown man in WWE was given the gimmick of thinking he was a rat. He had to act like a rat, eat like a rat and even wrestle almost like a rat, how does a rat wrestle? Go do some research on his NXT work and find out. Despite these setbacks he wasn’t the worst competitor in season 4 that will come soon enough.  But during his time in NXT he wrestled and was defeated by Alberto Del Rio…s personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez and was subsequently eliminated from the competition later that night. With that being said he has earned a place on our list.

  1. Jacob Novak (Season’s 4 and 5)

Just missing out on our top (bottom) spot was the standout performer of NXT’s fourth season Jacob Novak. Another member of the “Who the hell is that?” stable Novak was known for…not a lot. In season 4 his pro was Dolph Ziggler but once Novak started to show how bad of a wrestler he was, Ziggler earned the opportunity to switch his rookie, which he did swapping him for…Byron Saxton. Wow. You have to be really bad if someone traded you away for Saxton. But his wrestling ability wasn’t the only bad thing about him, he essentially wrestled his entire season 4 run in a nappy. I shit you not his white trunks looked exactly like a nappy, he decided to do something about this by changing to Gold trunks, which made him look like a stripper instead, this was the last straw as he was eliminated first that same night. He then moved onto season 5 where his pro JTG dressed him as the whitest white boy rapper of all time. He was eliminated first once again. For these reasons he is on our list.

  1. Eli Cottonwood (season 2)

Here it is our worst NXT performer of all time. Eli Cottonwood!!! I cannot describe exactly why he is number one. Instead I leave you with this promo.

Well that was our list. Who do you think is the worst original NXT performer of all time? Let us know in the comments.

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