NXT Review 09 Aug 17

Hard hitting action, diverse characters, and copious amounts of filler. That means it must be time for another exciting episode of NXT! As usual we have another night filled with action, drama and adverts. Can the Authors of Pain control their Sanity? Will anyone be able to out talk Bobby Roode? How will Oney Lorcan respond to Danny Burch’s latest challenge? These questions will be answered in the future, and it’s a good thing because the future. Is. Now.

Sanity calls out the Authors of Pain

We kick off this episode of NXT in ring with our resident psycho bitch Nikki Cross, she is shortly joined by the other members of Sanity, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe. Clearly not learning their lesson from a few weeks ago Sanity call out the Authors of Pain for another showdown…or beat down. After a few moments they get their wish, from the back come Akam and Rezar complete with their manager Paul Ellering. The NXT audience is hot for the potential brawl as AOP approach the ring. But wait! Out of nowhere AOP are blind-sighted by Eric Young! The leader of Sanity has returned after a 2 month absence and leads his group in a vicious beat down on AOP. In a brilliant move EY chains Akam to the ringside barrier as the rest of Sanity take out Rezar. However in a legit awesome moment, despite being chained to the barricade and suffering from a beating, Akam defiantly drags the barricade with him as he crawls into the ring…only to immediately get taken out by Sanity who stand tall to end the segment.

Author’s (not AOP) notes: Wow! What a way to start NXT! The reintroduction of Eric Young was excellent. Sanity finally look like a credible threat again after 6 weeks of losing. But the Authors of Pain, whoa. They looked like absolute monsters. Even with the numbers disadvantage and one of them being chained to a barricade, they still looked like absolute world beaters. I am thoroughly looking forward to their clash at NXT: Brooklyn 3.


It wouldn’t be an episode of NXT exclusively on the WWE network without a copious helping of adverts. We get an NXT Brooklyn advert featuring random band I’ve never heard of. A WWE 2K18 ad, and of course an advert for the WWE Network.

Makeup tutorial with the Iconic Duo

Back from the break and we are treated to a short vignette with the iconic ones Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. They are backstage at the WWE Performance centre to give us all a makeup tutorial…Luckily Ruby Riot wanders into the background on her phone which annoys the Iconic Duo. They claim that Ruby must get a new tattoo every time she gets rejected by a guy. They end the segment in disgust after claiming there isn’t enough makeup in the world to help Ruby.

Author’s notes: This was a short little vignette made to set up a feud between the Iconic Duo and Ruby Riot. Fair enough as neither has anything going on right now. Ironic how Billie Kay is offering make up advice when hers makes her look like a pig in lipstick. Probably doesn’t help that she has a face like a smacked arse either, but I digress.

Match 1: The Street Profits vs The Metro Brothers

Our Inaugural contest is a tag team contest between the Metro Brothers and the debuting Street Profits. The Street Profits consist of Angelo Dawkins and Motez Ford who are two very happy black lads but who also have characteristics of Cryme Tyme and The Usos. Weird combination but it works. They are taking on the Metro brothers who look like a discount Deuce n Domino. The match doesn’t last long as The Street Profits dominate their opponents and finish them with a sit-out spinebuster and a frog splash for the win.

Winners: The Street Profits

Author’s notes: This was a decent showcase for the new tag team in the block. The Street Profits looked dominant, their in ring ability is decent and they have more charisma than any tag team seen on NXT in some time. Only time will tell how they fare against established tag teams in the division.

What happened after we went off air with: Hideo Itami and Aleister Black

We get shown a quick video of events that happened after NXT stopped broadcasting. An angry Hideo Itami attempts to attack a suit clad Aleister Black as various developmental talents hold the two apart. It is then announced that the two will face off at NXT: Brooklyn 3.

Author’s notes: Short and sweet way to confirm what we already had figured out at the end of last week’s episode. Itami has moved on from Kassius Ohno and now finds himself wanting to fight Aleister Black after he disrespected him. It’ll be a good match but one has to wonder how many losses Itami can handle before he loses all credibility.

Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre meet face to face

In ring we have NXT GM William Regal who introduces the competitors in the NXT title match at Takeover Brooklyn 3, Drew McIntyre and NXT Champion Bobby Roode. The two men trade verbal insults until they are interrupted by the arrival of Roderick Strong, who talks from the entrance ramp as Bobby Roode’s private security force block access to the ring. Roddy tells Regal he isn’t finished with Bobby Roode (ok calm down Braun Strowman) and asks for another match with Roode. Roode accepts his challenge and even puts up his NXT title, but only if he can beat Drew McIntyre next week. Regal takes control of the segment by informing Roode that he makes the matches. He agrees to all the men’s demands and makes the match for next week but with the stipulation that if Roddy wins he faces Bobby Roode for the title…after Takeover. So Roode still has to defend against McIntyre at takeover.

Author’s notes: This segment dragged… It took so long for the guys to get to the point. That being said I’m looking forward to all 3 matches that could potentially happen. Roode/McIntyre. Strong/McIntyre and Roode/Strong.

Backstage interview with Johnny Gargano

We get a quick interview with Johnny Gargano who announces he will be competing at NXT Brooklyn 3.

Author’s notes: …Ok then.

Match 2: Oney Lorcan vs Danny Burch

In a rematch from 3 weeks ago we get Oney Lorcan vs Danny Burch. The match starts off slow with both men trying to jostle for position in this match. Bit of takedown mat wrestling to warm up the crowd who are excited for this rematch. The match is very slow building up after every move. Burch controls the action with a series of European uppercuts until Lorcan is able to overpower him as we go to the break. For some reason we get a Summerslam promo even though NXT can only be seen on the WWE network and every one seeing this will most likely be already planning on watching Summerslam. We are back in the ring and both men are wailing on each other with a series of strikes as Burch is able to regain control with a German suplex and massive clothesline for a 2 count. Burch then hits a rope assisted Tower of London (Rope hung cutter) but it only gets a 2 count (cheers mate) Nigel McGuiness pops for the Tower of London as it was his old finisher when he was wrestling. Eventually the two tired competitors start hitting each other with punches and strikes until Lorcan goes for the single leg Boston Crab. Burch tries his best to kick out of it but Lorcan finally locks it in, but it’s no good as Burch reverses it into a pining combination for the upset win! Post-match Burch offers his hand as a sign of respect but Lorcan walks away, before changing his mind and accepting the handshake.

Winner: Danny Burch

Author’s notes: Ok to no one’s surprise Burch got the win here. It was a good match, very intense action from both men. Lorcan’s frustration at being unable to beat Burch could set up an interesting angle with a potential heel turn from Lorcan.

Main Event: No Way Jose vs Andrade Cien Almas

Our main event for this week is a slight grudge match between No Way Jose and Andrade Cien Almas. It’s the battle of the three names, the Latino showdown, and the fight for relevance. This match is a result of Almas attacking an opponent Jose had just beaten. Jose comes to the ring via the crowd with his very own conga line. Very nice touch to his gimmick. But the question that has been on every one’s mind for the last 16 months is, who is this No Way Jose and why does he keep getting denied? Anyways onto the match. NWJ is more focused and aggressive than usual as he outwrestles ACA to start the match. Oh and Almas has a manager now, some Latina woman with a stupid name. Jose throws Almas into the ropes as he poses with this middle rope hanging spot, Jose however simply boots him from the ring. (10/10) After a few encouraging words (I presume, I don’t speak Spanish) Almas takes control and batters Jose for a bit until he finishes him off with a hammerlock DDT. Post-match Latina woman takes the mic and asks us if we just saw what happened in the ring (I hope so otherwise what the hell am I reviewing?) She announces that Almas is accepting Gargano’s challenge for a match at NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3.

Winner: Andrade Cien Almas

Author’s notes: This was a nothing match, which is a shame as both men are capable of so much more. But when you’re given 5 minutes of ring time you can’t expect to get much done. This match did however add more layers to Almas’ character, his manager has changed him from a party boy who doesn’t care about wins and losses to a man hell bent on taking over NXT. Finally his match with Gargano is sure to be an exciting one as both men are talented individuals with so much to showcase.

Final thoughts: All in all this was a good episode of NXT, of the three matches the main event was the only disappointment. The Lorcan/Burch match was great, plus the introduction of the Street Profits is a welcomed addition to the NXT roster. The opening segment was excellent and has me on the edge of my seat for the eventual clash between Sanity and AOP. Well that’ll do us this week, until next time this has been NXT.

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