BREAKING: George Hackenschmidt cleared to compete at Wrestlemania 34

WWE has sensationally announced that former World Heavyweight Champion George ‘The Russian Lion’ Hackenschmidt has been cleared to compete at this weekend’s Wrestlemania pay-per-view – in his first in-ring appearance since 1911.

The news comes as the latest unexpected competitive clearance of a long-retired superstar, following similar returns for Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan.

Fans had long assumed that Hackenschmidt – who died in 1968 – was done for good, but WWE’s top doctor Barbara Bush verified that the Russian strongman passed a recent physical examination.

George will now go on to team with NXT general manager William Regal, to face Theodore Long and The Rock on the Wrestlemania kick-off show.

WWE has denied accusations that its wellness examinations have become less exhaustive.

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