A Tribute to our Lost Names

As WrestleMania quickly approaches, and the annual wrestling calendar is once again reset, bringing forth new matches, new stories and new rivalries, it is important to not forget those we’ve lost this year. In particular, lost names…

May 2017 saw guitar wielding, travelling musician Elias Samson make the brave change to just become Elias. A tactic previously seen by other fellow musicians such as Cheryl Cole who became known as simply Cheryl, and lead singer of the Ordinary Boys, Samuel Preston, who went simply by Preston. Lets hope Elias can reach the heights of these two musical powerhouses.

October 2o17 saw longstanding duo Erick Rowan and Luke Harper lose both their first names, the new duo of Rowan and Harper were born. Gone were the sheep masks, replaced with sheep masks that were combined with gas masks. And hammers, very big hammers.

February 2018 saw the extremely athletic but mostly non-charismatic Apollo Crews lose his Crews. Apollo was born, but not reborn, as he maintained the same smiling character he had since his NXT days.

The year has seen some new additions to the WWE Universe, such as Ruby Riot’s amazing transformation into Ruby Riott, a revitalising change which shook the very core of WWE.

Perhaps after WrestleMania 34, WWE should look at changing some other names, such as shortening the tired moniker of “The Undertaker” to just “The”, or “Triple H” to just “H”. We will have to wait and see what the post-WrestleMania landscape brings us.

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