Authors of Pain: Unpublished Genius, or Blatant Liars?

Akam and Rezar have recently been called up to the main Raw roster after months of not doing a whole deal in NXT. But more shockingly, it appears they may be in the WWE on false pretences.

Calling themselves “The Authors of Pain”, one could expect that they may have published a book documenting the issues of chronic pain, or maybe metaphorical pain, or maybe even just a work of fiction about pain.

After searching Amazon and other bookstores, this writer has been unsuccessful in finding any books called “Pain” by either Akam, or Rezar. So has this book been left unpublished? Has it never been finished? Or is it the case that it has never been written, thus making the former NXT Tag Champions little more than liars?

The evidence in favour of the later is overwhelming, it is believed that Akam and Rezar may not even be their real names. The investigation will require further work, but the evidence is conclusive so far.



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