Massive Match Looks Set to End Epic Feud

In the news many had already guessed, WWE announced today that at the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia, the Undertaker and Rusev will see their epic rivalry come to an end in a Casket Match. Some have criticised the WWE for pandering to the fans too much though, and that the feud between these superstars is beginning to wane in quality.

However, some people are already comparing the two’s feud to that of Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano in NXT over the last year or so, with many expecting it to steal the show on the night (or morning or afternoon depending on time zone). One fan was described as being “mostly unsurprised, but vaguley uninterested” in the announcement, stating “as long as No Way Jose is in the Rumble, I don’t care”. Reports have said that some fans are already in their seats at King Abdullah International Stadium, and have begun a “This is Awesome” chant in anticipation of the two’s matchup.

So we just have to wait to see if the Undertaker walks out victorious, or the Undertaker wins the match, either way, an epic showdown is upon us.

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