Dream Team on the Horizon?

The unthinkable finally happened on Monday Night Raw! In a match that will be talked about for potentially hours, a win came for a superstar in need of a push, with the assistance of a fan favourite.

Finn Balor punched his ticket to Money in the Bank in the main event on Monday night, and he did it with an assist from an unlikeliest of sources.

Late in the triple threat match between Balor, Reigns and Sami Zayn, it looked like Reigns was about to put Zayn away with a Spear.

But as he got set up in the corner, Mahal appeared and grabbed him by the leg. This distracted “The Big Dog” long enough to set himself up for a Helluva Kick from Zayn.

With Mahal assisting Balor, does this mean Balor Club just got a new member? Will the Modern Day Maharaja and the Demon prove to be the team that WWE needed?

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