Money in the Bank or false advertising?

The Money in the Bank ladder match is now entering it’s 14th year of existence and it’s 9th year of being a PPV. However even though these matches and events feature several competitors in ladder related matches, there is one thing it has not featured a single time.

Money. In. The. Bank.

Not once in the last 14 years has WWE shown anyone going to the bank with any sort of money. 8 Money in the Bank PPV’s have come and gone but none have produced said Money in the Bank.

WWE were recently asked for a comment on this matter and were quoted on saying:

“How did you get past security?”

As usual WWE are avoiding the serious issues and allegations. But that won’t stop us from asking the hard questions.

Our next investigation will be on the so called “hell in a cell” has hell ever been in a cell? We’ll soon find out.


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